Classes - The 5E Alchemist

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In a world of magic and metal, of massive power thrown against titanic forces, there seems to be little hope the common man could stand against it all. Those without might, without the arcane, they have only the withered scraps and corrupted earth of the cold hard reality available to them. However, there are those who see a sort of magic within the mundane, who are able to discover that with some small changes, the plain can become extraordinary. These people are called alchemists.

Through experimentation, through scientific study, through an intimate knowledge of the substance of the material world, the alchemists can recreate what warlocks and clerics pledge their souls to receive, what wizards sweat away over dusty tomes for decades for. Within their flasks and vials, they can distill the arcane power of the universe and the divine power of everything beyond it, without being enslaved to either.

In this document you will find everything you need to play an Alchemist character in 5th Edition.